Claire Fearon is a successful contemporary British painter whose widely acclaimed art works in acrylic on canvas have sold to private collections in the UK and throughout the world.  She has exhibited nationally and internationally and is well known for the use of vibrant colour in her work.  


‘I started as an abstract painter and would intuitively choose colours at random, building layer upon layer, trying to keep my mind empty and to just be in the moment. I found it challenging to just let go and see where the paintings took me rather than the other way round but I really enjoyed the process. I worked relatively fast, attempting not to over think the marks I was making, so the work would just flow. I would never plan a painting or draw it out in advance and so often I would be really surprised by the end result.


A couple of years ago after an unexpected health issue, I had the urge for the first time to step outside of my own imagination and depict the world around me. I loved the idea of trying something different and really pushing my creative boundaries and personal expectations. Never having painted a single landscape before I was surprised at how easy it was to move from creating abstract paintings to painting the world around me. 


Apart from the snow paintings, which I paint directly from a photographs, generally when painting landscapes I will look at many photographs of a certain subject matter that appeals to me, for example, stormy coastal scenes. When I am ready I will go to my studio and paint from an amalgamated memory of the images I've seen and how they made me feel. This is what I try to capture in my work, the feeling of a place or landscape rather than the specifics of how it appears.


I enjoy the feeling of space and stillness my landscape paintings evoke.  Although I adored painting the abstract works and using joyous and bright colours, I have found painting these simple, uncomplicated and relatively deserted landscapes a really healing and quite meditative experience.


My work is constantly evolving and changing as you can see from my most recent head paintings, which you can find more about here. I always enjoy bringing something new to myself as an artist and to my audience.’ Claire Fearon