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Claire Fearon artist

Along side being a creative, I have worked as an Intuitive Coach and Energy Healer in West Sussex for over 20 years. I have various tools at my disposal but the main resource, at the heart of all I do, is my connection to my own intuition and Higher Self.  I trust this connection implicitly and use it in my spiritual work, creativity, and writing. 


I believe everyone has access to this inner wisdom. It can guide you even in the darkest of times and lead you to where, and whom you are meant to be.  My mission is to enable you to connect to this part of yourself, so you too can hear the deeper parts of your soul and trust in its guidance. The modalities I use below all have Higher Self/Soul communication at the heart of them. 


To get a feeling for who I am, and what I do, I recommend you read my client testimonials found here and dotted throughout my website. Real people, talking about the very real experiences they have had, working one-to-one with me.

woman with long read hair smiling

'Claire has been helping me through an array of life and health issues for many years now, and she remains absolutely the first person I'd turn to when things aren't going right.

Her tool kit which includes the incredibly powerful Empower Disc, Aura-Soma bottles, and Oracle cards may form the basis for a consultation, but it's Claire herself, where the real magic lies.


She has the ability to create a safe and caring space, she listens carefully to your words and then through her wisdom and intuition is able to penetrate to the heart of the issue. You will come away with a new perspective and clarity and much deeper healing of body, mind and soul than you thought possible. She's an angel!'

Allison Perry




The Aura-Soma equilibrium bottles

Aura-Soma ® is a form of colour, energy and soul therapy that supports you spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

The Aura-Soma bottles harness the vibrational powers of Mother Nature. They contain essential oils from around the world, herbal essences, and real crystal and gem tinctures. Created using the highest quality organic and biodynamic ingredients, many of the plants used in the bottles are grown on Aura-Soma’s own homestead, Shire Farm, Lincolnshire. It is one of the UK's largest biodynamic farms.   


I have worked professionally with Aura-Soma for 15 years and have a stunning backlit display of 120 of these jewel-like bottles. My clients say they get so much from just standing in front of them, they are so highly energised. It's such a magical experience when you first choose/recognise your bottles.

When working with Aura-Soma you just choose 4 bottles. That’s all we need to reveal your life’s path, your personality, what drives you and what might be holding you back. Your selection also shows the gifts and talents you have at your disposal, some you may know but also others that may be dormant, just waiting to be discovered.  

Your colour choice reflects your very personal needs and helps you to find a more true understanding of your potential. Aura-Soma is defined as: “the light made manifest in living energies”. Through colour,  Aura-Soma brings consciousness and insight from the soul level of your being, into your everyday life. Using a bottle directly on the body can bring about resolution, change and restore balance and harmony, empowering your potential. 

It is always wonderful to be around the bottles. I feel so privileged and blessed to have 120 of them on display in my home. They have brought me enlightenment and great comfort over the years.

I purchase my Aura-Soma products from

Beautiful garden with Aura-Soma bottles on glass table

A four bottle selection in the garden

Heather Bains.jpeg

'Claire and the healing powers of the Aura-Soma bottles should not be underestimated. In my opinion, they are both truly amazing! I would highly recommend a consultation with Claire as her ability to get to the heart of what might be holding you back is remarkable and reassuring.'  Heather Baines                               



Sound Healing can be deeply relaxing and make you feel good in explicable ways.


Sound healing is the use of specific instruments, music, tones, and other sonic vibrations to balance and heal the body, mind, and spirit. 


I use 7 beautiful, rare, practitioner singing chalices, that work directly with the chakra energetic points on the body. I use the sound chalices to promote deep rest, nervous system rebalancing, and emotional release. 


They are just waiting for you

Working with sound healing can put you into a hypnotic, meditative or theta brainwave state, which allows access to deeper levels of inner wisdom and healing.


When you have a session with me, we first discuss what you hope to achieve from our sound session and set a firm intention.  


You will then lie on my therapy couch, covered with a soft blanket and have your eyes closed whilst I move around you working with each of your chakras and the 7 chalices in turn. I also use the scented Aura-Soma pomanders on your energetic field, they are divine.


Many clients fall asleep mid process which shows just how relaxed your nervous system can become during the session.


Woodland Retreat-7.jpg

'My sound healing session with Claire was beyond relaxing. I felt safe and nurtured during the session. I saw images and colours whilst Claire worked on me, then before I knew it I was fast asleep. When I awoke, I felt so refreshed and uplifted. I can't wait for my next session.'  Justine Brinkstead


Oracle Cards Cathy Nichols Synchronisity Deck

Cathy Nichols Synchronisity Deck

My mother says I have always had ‘the gift’ and I had a clear connection to, and awareness of, my Higher Self from a very young age. Though it wasn’t until my early teens, over 40 years ago, that I started experimenting using this gift to help others via the Tarot and intuitive writing.  


To this day I appreciate the Tarot as a tool for divination and self-exploration and I have even studied with Richard Knight, an acclaimed Tarot reader and intuitive. 


However, the Tarot deck always has the same 78 cards, the oracle decks are many and varied and I much prefer them. I find they can really help you hone your intuition, give more specific guidance and are focused on inspiring and prompting self-analysis. I love working with them. 

Oracle cards aid us in seeing the path we are manifesting and show us how to break old patterns and offer guidance, steering us in the right direction, whilst confirming our inner truths and gifts. I use the cards in my sessions to help you connect to your inner wisdom, Higher Self, and the Universal Consciousness beyond.


The stories they weave about your life and the insights gained are just phenomenal.  They are a gateway to communication between us that I really believe, would not come about otherwise.


They are sparks that light the fire of self-awareness and awakening.  On most occasions, no more than three cards are needed to open a doorway to conversations and revelations that are always of benefit and can shed light on deeper aspects of yourself.


I have over 30 decks of Oracle Cards to choose from, each offering something different depending on what a client presents to me. It’s great that I can travel anywhere with the cards and see clients in their homes, out in nature, or over zoom, which isn’t possible with the Aura-Soma bottles. 

Many boxes of oracle cards on shelf with plants on top

Just a few of my many oracle decks

isoble smith artist

'Whatever the challenge, her warmth and fearless belief in me never fails to leave me feeling stronger, braver, and back on track. I can’t recommend her unique approach highly enough, there’s no need to struggle alone.'  Isobel Smith                                          


Empower Disc for energy healing in a hand

The Empower Disc

I have been working with the Empower Disc since 2001 and it has absolutely changed my life. It is the most powerful tool for self-development and physical healing I have ever heard about or actually encountered. I use mine in some capacity virtually every day and would never want to be without it, ever. It has transformed my life and the lives of many of my clients, friends, and family.


It’s impossible to put into words in just a few paragraphs what it actually is and the amazing things it can potentially do for you. I am only going to scrape the surface here.  


The Empower Disc is a small aluminum disc that has been ‘programmed’ by the gifted healer Coby Zvikler to enable you to directly connect with your ‘Higher Self’ which has the capacity to trigger spontaneous self-healing and optimise every aspect of your mind, body and spirit.

Totally unique and part of a self-healing system developed by Coby over the last 25 years, the Empower Disc is self-powered through its interaction with your own energy field. It causes your body to spontaneously move and bring about healing.  But that’s just the tip of the iceberg regarding what you are capable of achieving with this little purple wonder. Your Higher Self can utilise it to communicate with you and transform your life in so many ways. Coby describes it as quantum technology years ahead of its time. I know it sounds unbelievable and until I tried one for the first time, I wouldn't have believed it.  


I was so blown away by the results I attained when first using the Empower Disc, I recommended it to friends and family. When I saw their success, I was inspired to train as a registered Empower Disc practitioner. 

As you can see from my many testimonials it really works.


I will use the Disc in our mentoring session if I feel it to be relevant and beneficial. I also give Disc consultations to people who already own an Empower Disc but want to get more from it in a one-to-one session and I occasionally run Empower Disc workshops.


Empower Practitioner Disc for energy healing in a hand

The Practitioner Empower Disc

I don't sell Empower Discs or receive a commission from any disc sales.

I am passionate about them purely because they are amazing. You can find out more for yourself from Coby's web site


'I had never heard of the Empower Disc until I met Claire at a Retreat. She very kindly offered to help my husband who was suffering from lower back pain to the extent he was struggling to walk. Although initially skeptical, after working with the Disc he was completely pain-free and able to move normally again and walk and exercise the next day.'  Sam Lawson                           


3-Create own Magic+text-02 (1).png

A warm welcome is what you can expect when we first meet. I like to make all my clients feel totally safe and at home.  


I am here to fully focus on you, creating a space for you to be heard and witnessed. I encourage you to share your reasons for our session and using my intuition and years of experience, I will know what path we need to take and the tools we need to utilise, for you to get the most from your time with me.


With your permission, I will often start working energetically even before we meet, connecting with you/your Higher Self and getting intuitive guidance that can assist our session.

I specialise in connecting people to their own Higher Selves. That has always been my mission. You know what you need to hear, I provide the means of accessing this wisdom. Then, there are four of us at the session, you, me, my Higher Self, and your Higher Self and of course beyond 'us' is Universal Consciousness/Spirit just waiting to be tapped into. It's a heady mix that has brought me success with my clients time and time again. 


I like to think that, regardless of the reason for our time together,  you will leave feeling more positive, in touch with who you really are, and better able to face whatever challenges brought you to my door

Emily Rush

'Life-changing. Seriously. That's what Claire is. Simply being in her presence is enough to pull you out of the lowest of moods. She has an uncanny ability to see exactly what path you need to be on and is determined to help you get there.' Emily Rush                READ MORE











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