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Empower Disc for energy healing in a hand

The Empower Disc

I have been working with the Empower Disc since 2001 and it has absolutely changed my life. It is the most powerful tool for self-development and physical healing I have ever heard about or actually encountered. I use mine in some capacity virtually every day and would never want to be without it, ever. It has transformed my life and the lives of many of my clients, friends, and family.


It’s impossible to put into words in just a few paragraphs what it actually is and the amazing things it can potentially do for you. I am only going to scrape the surface here.  


The Empower Disc is a small aluminum disc that has been ‘programmed’ by the gifted healer Coby Zvikler to enable you to directly connect with your ‘Higher Self’ which has the capacity to trigger spontaneous self-healing and optimise every aspect of your mind, body and spirit.

Totally unique and part of a self-healing system developed by Coby over the last 25 years, the Empower Disc is self-powered through its interaction with your own energy field. It causes your body to spontaneously move and bring about healing.  But that’s just the tip of the iceberg regarding what you are capable of achieving with this little purple wonder. Your Higher Self can utilise it to communicate with you and transform your life in so many ways. Coby describes it as quantum technology years ahead of its time. I know it sounds unbelievable and until I tried one for the first time, I wouldn't have believed it.  


I was so blown away by the results I attained when first using the Empower Disc, I recommended it to friends and family. When I saw their success, I was inspired to train as a registered Empower Disc practitioner. 

As you can see from my many testimonials it really works.


I will use the Disc in our mentoring session if I feel it to be relevant and beneficial. I also give Disc consultations to people who already own an Empower Disc but want to get more from it in a one-to-one session and I occasionally run Empower Disc workshops.


Empower Practitioner Disc for energy healing in a hand

The Practitioner Empower Disc

I don't sell Empower Discs or receive a commission from any disc sales.

I am passionate about them purely because they are amazing. You can find out more for yourself from Coby's web site


'I had never heard of the Empower Disc until I met Claire at a Retreat. She very kindly offered to help my husband who was suffering from lower back pain to the extent he was struggling to walk. Although initially skeptical, after working with the Disc he was completely pain-free and able to move normally again and walk and exercise the next day.'  Sam Lawson                           

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