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One-to-One Sessions


For more than two decades, I've had the privilege of serving as a creative professional and intuitive coach in West Sussex. My approach is firmly rooted in a deep connection to my intuition and Higher Self, which I consider to be the foundation of my practice.

I am passionate about empowering individuals to access their inner wisdom, as I wholeheartedly believe that it holds the key to navigating life's challenges and unlocking one's true purpose. Through bespoke sessions and immersive workshops, I employ a range of powerful tools, including Aura-Soma colour therapy, oracle cards, and sound therapy, to facilitate a profound connection with the Higher Self or Soul.

My aim is to create a safe, nurturing space where you can explore your innermost thoughts, feelings, and aspirations without fear of judgement. By working together, we can uncover the authentic, resilient, and intuitive being within you, enabling you to make positive changes and live a life that truly resonates with your soul's purpose.

I encourage you to browse through the heartfelt testimonials generously shared by my incredible clients over the years. These testimonials, which can be found here and throughout my website, offer a glimpse into the transformative experiences and personal breakthroughs that you, too, may encounter on your journey of self-discovery and growth.

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As soon as you step into my home, you'll be enveloped in a warm, nurturing atmosphere where your wellbeing is my top priority. I am here to provide a safe haven, a sanctuary where you can openly express yourself without fear of judgement. My role is to listen attentively, to witness your journey, and to create a space that allows you to explore your thoughts, feelings, and experiences freely.

During our session, I encourage you to share your motivations, challenges, and aspirations. By understanding your unique story, I can intuitively guide our time together, drawing upon my extensive experience and unique tools to craft a personalised approach that resonates with your needs. Whether you seek clarity, healing, personal growth, or a renewed sense of purpose, I am here to support you every step of the way.

Through our collaborative process, we will embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation. Together, we will uncover the authentic, powerful, and resilient person within you. By tapping into your innate wisdom and strengths, you will gain a fresh perspective on the challenges you face, empowering you to navigate life with renewed confidence.

When our session concludes, my aim is for you to leave feeling uplifted, energised, and more connected to your true self. You will have gained valuable insights, practical tools, and a renewed sense of clarity that will enable you to face life's challenges with greater ease and resilience. Our time together is an investment in your personal growth and wellbeing, and I am committed to ensuring that you receive the maximum benefit from this experience.

If you're ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and personal transformation, I invite you to take the first step and reach out. Together, we will create a tailored experience that honours your unique story and supports you in achieving your goals. Your ability to blossom and grow is my priority, and I look forward to being a part of your journey.


'A one to one session with Claire is such an incredible experience. She has the ability to see and hear you for everything you are.  I feel lighter after our session.... after 10 years of carrying a weight of disappointment and shame from not being able to conceive. Time with Claire has helped me realise that I really need to change the narrative to prevent me from spending the next decade in this negative loop. She has made me realise that it is all within my grasp to live a joyful life, albeit different to the life I had planned. Thank you Claire, from the bottom of my heart.'    Sarah Lilly



Aura-Soma is a unique system designed for self-discovery, guidance, and transformation. The Equilibrium bottles carry unique meanings and messages, which we explore during our consultation.

In the beginning of the session, you will choose four bottles. Following this selection, we will engage in a discussion about the significance of your choices and their connection to your current life circumstances.

The insights from your Aura-Soma bottles will offer perspectives on your life's journey, your character, your motivations, obstacles you may face, and your inherent gifts and talents—including those you are aware of and those yet to be awakened.

As a certified practitioner with over 15 years of experience, I am here to guide you through this enlightening process.

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'I recommend Claire and Aura-Soma unreservedly to anyone who needs to spend a little less time in their head and a little more time in their body and in their heart."    Rachel Turner


During consultations and workshops, I use oracle cards as powerful tools for self-discovery and personal growth. Unlike traditional tarot readings, where the reader interprets the cards for you, our sessions empower you to take the lead in exploring the messages and insights that resonate with your intuition.

As you select each card, you'll tap into your inner wisdom, allowing the images and symbolism to speak directly to your soul. Through this process, you become an active participant in your own self-discovery, uncovering profound revelations about your personality, life purpose, and the path ahead.

Oracle cards offer a simple and accessible approach to self-awareness and spiritual awakening. With diverse themes, these versatile decks adapt to your unique life circumstances and inner truth, facilitating a deeper connection to your intuition.

During our sessions, I will guide you in interpreting the cards you choose, providing prompts to help you uncover hidden meanings and messages that align with your journey. Together, we'll engage in meaningful conversations, exploring the insights that emerge and how they relate to your personal growth and decision-making processes.

By putting you in the driver's seat, oracle cards become a powerful tool for self-empowerment and transformation. Rather than passively waiting for someone else to reveal your fate, you actively participate in shaping your own narrative and discovering the wisdom within.

Embrace the power of oracle cards and embark on a transformative journey of self-exploration and personal growth with me. Together, we will create a sacred space where your intuition can flourish, and you can access the guidance that resides within you.


The cards are just the start; Claire's searing insights have shot deep into my whole way of being, changing my way forward and reminding me - deeply - of who I am. She is quite extraordinary.  Gilly Smith


In my practice, I offer sound therapy sessions that are separate from my 1:1 coaching. These sessions utilise a set of seven practitioner singing chalices, each tuned to resonate with the body's chakra energy centres. These chalices are designed to work in harmony with the body's natural frequencies, promoting relaxation and balance.


During a session, you will lie comfortably on my practitioner couch as I play the chalices in and around your auric energy field, focusing on each chakra individually. The vibrations and sounds emitted by the chalices can help to promote relaxation, facilitate the rebalancing of the nervous system, and support the release of stored emotions. At the end of the session, I provide time for you to continue relaxing and absorb the experience of the sound waves.


I offer both individual sessions and communal sound bath experiences. Throughout these sessions, I may share any intuitive insights, guidance, or observations regarding chakra strength or blockages while working with the chalices and the individuals present.


These sound therapy sessions aim to create a space where relaxation, self-reflection, and inner exploration can occur. By immersing yourself in the vibrations of the singing chalices, you may experience a sense of calm, balance, and increased self-awareness.


Whether you choose an individual session or a communal sound bath experience, you can anticipate a unique and potentially beneficial journey. I invite you to explore the effects of sound therapy and discover how it may support your personal wellbeing and growth.

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