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Oracle cards are a tool used for gaining insight, guidance, and inspiration. They typically consist of a deck of cards, each featuring different images, symbols and messages. We use oracle cards to connect with our intuition, seek answers to questions, or gain perspective on various aspects of our lives.


Unlike tarot cards, oracle cards don't follow a strict set of rules or a standardised system, so their interpretations can vary widely depending on the deck and the reader's intuition. I use the cards in my sessions to help you connect to your inner wisdom, Higher Self, and the Universal Consciousness beyond.

The stories they weave about your life and the insights gained are just phenomenal.  In a 1-2-1 session I feel they are a gateway to communication between us that I really believe, would not necessarily come about otherwise.


They are sparks that light the fire of self-awareness and awakening. On most occasions, no more than three cards are needed to open a doorway to conversations and revelations that are always of benefit and can shed light on deeper aspects of yourself.


There are many oracle decks on the market. Something for everyone. I have over 40 decks of Oracle Cards to choose from, each offering something different depending on what a client presents to me.


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Insight and Guidance:

Oracle cards can present new viewpoints and understandings on life's various circumstances. They assist in revealing alternative aspects of a dilemma or can offer advice on navigating obstacles we might face.


Intuition Development:

Engaging with oracle cards helps us connect with our intuitive senses and inner guidance. This practice can sharpen our awareness of our emotions and instincts, improving our ability to make good choices.



Oracle cards invite us to explore various facets of our identity, aspirations, and feelings. They support self-exploration and personal development by fostering a deeper self-awareness. By serving as mirrors to our soul, oracle cards enable us to uncover hidden truths and potential, guiding us on a journey towards more authentic self-expression and fulfillment.



These cards often carry uplifting messages and positive affirmations. A card can provide a daily dose of inspiration and encouragement. Moreover, these cards can act as a beacon of light, offering clarity and support on the journey towards self fulfilment and happiness.



Engaging with oracle cards is a mindful exercise, where the act of drawing a card and pondering over its message, encourages us to slow down and connect with the moment. This practice not only helps us stay present but also fosters a deeper engagement with our thoughts and emotions, anchoring us firmly in the here and now while we navigate through the layers of meaning each card reveals.


Stress Reduction:

Employing oracle cards can act as a soothing and tranquil pursuit, providing an opportunity to divert our attention from daily stressors towards a space of serenity and contemplation. This practice offers a pause in our busy lives, allowing us to engage with a peaceful interlude that nurtures our mental and emotional well-being.


Enhanced Communication:

Oracle cards are often used to tap into the subconscious, connect with one's higher self, or communicate with spiritual guides. They prompt deep personal reflection and can ignite thoughtful discussions among friends and family. This practice not only aids in self-discovery but also fosters meaningful connections with others, making it a valuable tool for both introspection and shared exploration.



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Merging the mystical with the practical, this workshop goes beyond just learning a technique; it is an opportunity to connect with oneself on a deeper level, uncovering insights and guidance for life's journey.

The workshop is designed to empower you to use oracle cards as a means to illuminate your path, offering clarity and support in navigating life's choices and challenges.

"Wisdom's Path" isn't just a workshop; it's a journey into the heart of your own intuition, where learning to read oracle cards becomes a transformative tool for insight and self-discovery.

Having worked over 20 years with oracle cards I can say they are truly a wonderful resource. Not only do I use them with my 1-2-1 clients, but I regularly use them myself and with my family. I would not be without them.




This workshop is specially designed for those keen to expand their oracle card reading abilities to include friends and family. It places a strong emphasis on developing empathy and intuition, essential for delivering readings that are not only insightful but also deeply resonant for others.

It provides a special opportunity for participants to not only share their skills but also to enhance their own trust in their intuitive abilities. By learning to trust their inner guidance, participants can effectively help others to do the same, creating readings that are both impactful and empowering.


This workshop is an excellent choice for anyone looking to deepen their intuitive practice and strengthen connections through the art of oracle card reading, enabling them to offer guidance and insight in a way that enriches both their own lives and those of the people around them.

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