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Emily Rush Psychotherapist

'Life-changing. Seriously. That's what Claire is. Simply being in her presence is enough to pull you out of the lowest of moods. She has an uncanny ability to see exactly what path you need to be on and is determined to help you get there.


By using her Aura-Soma bottles, Empower Disc, Oracle Cards, or a combination of all three, she can really unlock your potential. 


It's hard to explain exactly what she does or even how she does it, but maybe that's the beauty of it and what makes it all the more remarkable. Over the past ten years, I have visited Claire for both myself and my husband as well as my two children. She has given us all a new lease of life and I have experienced such profound changes that I have wanted to share this with as many friends and family members as possible. Gift vouchers to see Claire have served as many a Birthday and Christmas present! 


As a Counsellor and Psychotherapist, I often work with people who feel stuck and unsure of who they are. Sometimes a session with Claire is exactly what they need to explore their potential even further. And to witness the results of just one session is an absolute privilege.

I couldn't recommend Claire more highly. She really is one in a million.

Emily Rush, Psychotherapist

Gilly Smith Blogger

Claire has the gift of seeing right through to the hidden stuff, the childhood insecurities that stop us from being all that we can be. Like all good wise women, she uses the cards as a meditation tool to drill deep into the nub of the matter, and then like a spiritual goddess, she pulls her bow of truth and fires it bang into the heart of it, puncturing its power.


The cards are just the start; drawing from her source of insights- in poetry and art  - she delivers the kind of truths you’d expect from Marianne Williamson and Susan Jeffers. And they stay with you; her searing insights have shot deep into my whole way of being time and time again, changing my way forward and reminding me - deeply - of who I am. She is quite extraordinary.


Gilly Smith, Food Journalist and Award Winning Podcaster


My session with Claire was nothing short of transformative, and I cannot express enough how much I gained from it. I wholeheartedly recommend her sessions to anyone seeking personal or professional growth.


And wow what an inspiring venue! This place is truly exceptional, and I feel incredibly fortunate that Claire has generously opened up this space for others to experience.


Thank you from the depths of my heart for this unforgettable experience.


Lucy Nightingale, Wellbeing Facilitator & Yoga Teacher @lucynightingale


A one to one session with Claire is such an incredible experience. She greets you like a long lost friend and you immediately feel at ease in her beautiful home. But most of all, she sees you and hears you for everything you are.


I feel lighter after our session.... after 10 years of carrying a weight of disappointment and shame from not being able to conceive. Time with Claire has helped me realise that I really need to change the narrative to prevent me from spending the next decade in this negative loop. She has made me realise that it is all within my grasp to live a joyful life, albeit different to the life I had planned. Thank you Claire, from the bottom of my heart.

Sarah Lilly, Five Elements and Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncturist

Rachel Turner

As someone who spends most of my time in board rooms looking at strategy plans, my Aura-Soma sessions with Claire are a complete tonic. I find them invaluable in helping me access my intuition and my emotions, and for growing insight and understanding of what’s happening in my subconscious. 


I keep my Aura-Soma bottles in plain sight at home so that I can use them and get grounded back into that awareness on a regular basis - so the benefit of my time with Claire lasts long after our session has finished. 


As always, I find that when I’m open to and connected with a higher power, as I am when working with Aura-Soma, miracles genuinely do occur. Since working with Claire, I have experienced profound shifts in my personal life, and I know my work with her has played a key part in that. I recommend Claire and Aura-Soma unreservedly to anyone who needs to spend a little less time in their head and a little more time in their body and in their heart. 


Rachel Turner, Business Psychologist & Executive Coach

isoble smith artist

I have been having sessions with Claire for almost 20 years. During this time I have utilised all of the incredible tools she has at her disposal, from the beautiful and nurturing Aura-Soma bottles to the intense and direct Empower Disc as well as her incredible insightful Oracle Card readings.


Regardless of the tools she employs, it is her incredible intuition and uncannily accurate guidance that keeps me returning and having a session with Claire in her beautiful home, surrounded by stunning gardens and wildlife really is like going on a mini-retreat!

Claire has seen me through illnesses, house moves and children, career changes and relationship issues.  Whatever the challenge, her warmth and fearless belief in me never fails to leave me feeling stronger, braver and back on track. I can’t recommend her unique approach highly enough - there’s no need to struggle alone.

Isobel Smith, Founder of Fine Art Rural Mission,

Alli Perry

Claire has been helping me through an array of life and health issues for many years now, and she remains absolutely the first person I'd turn to when things aren't going right.

Her tool kit which includes the incredibly powerful Empower Disc, Aura-Soma bottles, and Oracle cards may form the basis for a consultation, but it's Claire herself, where the real magic lies.


She has the ability to create a safe and caring space, she listens carefully to your words and then through her wisdom and intuition is able to penetrate to the heart of the issue. You will come away with a new perspective and clarity and much deeper healing of body, mind and soul than you thought possible. She's an angel!

Alison Perry, Naturopath & Yoga Teacher

Chris Kettle Artist Sussex

Having already experienced a very real sense of decompression just entering the drive up to Claire's beautiful home, I must say I didn't expect to leave the session feeling so much more at peace with myself. I really felt lighter of spirit and mentally stronger after our session - some of my unintentional thought patterns were quickly identified and talked through, examining my own role in life particularly, in relation to those closest to me. 


The three oracle cards that I chose were strangely apt and formed a base for sensitively addressing some fundamental areas of life that needed some attention, or re-addressing - areas where we can all feel lost on occasion, no matter how 'in control' we feel. 


The session with Claire helped to bring the more important things in life into sharper focus and seemed to slowly lift some of the emotional weight I had been unnecessarily carrying. I left the session with a much clearer sense of direction that quietly side-stepped my usual default settings. Thanks Claire, this walking 'work in progress' certainly feels he's on a better path already. 


Chris Kettle, Artist,

Alli Norell Writer

At the time I saw Claire, my life was at a crossroads following a devastating bereavement and I had lost my sense of self. I particularly loved the way that Claire's method allows one to work alongside her; assisting you in finding the answers to your own questions and supporting this with insightful advice.  Claire is warm, humorous, engaging and has a real talent for making you feel comfortable. 


Claire unearthed many truths for me and helped me in working my way through them; however, by far the most illuminating piece of advice she gave me was to focus on my writing. This was a buried childhood dream of mine, but the session with Claire somehow unlocked something and I began to pursue it seriously. Almost a year to the day later, I received a book publishing deal.


I am sincerely grateful to Claire and wholeheartedly recommend her wonderful abilities to anyone looking for answers or direction in life. Book a session - you won't regret it!


Alli Norell, Writer,

Ross Harris Graphic Designer

Working with Claire is a powerful and wonderful experience, one I would recommend without hesitation.

I reflect on some aspect of the wisdom and guidance Claire has shared with me most days. She is one of life’s amazing people, who gave me a huge insight into the real me. Working with Claire is a powerful and wonderful experience, one I would recommend without hesitation. 

Ross Harris, Graphic Designer, Brighton

Pearl Bates Artist

Claire is a modern-day miracle-worker, fusing together an innate healer's wisdom with effervescent passion, and a genuinely heartfelt disposition. Her knowledge and experience in the healing arts is wide-ranging.

Claire has worked with me using the Empower Disc, Aura-Soma bottles, and Oracle cards. Whichever method she uses, time spent with Claire has always left me feeling energised, serene, and inspired – I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Claire to anyone who is looking for guidance with any issue, be it physical, emotional or spiritual. 


Pearl Bates, Writer & Artist,

Clare Ryan

I first used the Empower Disc with Claire to try to heal a long-term back issue, but as I held the disc, my arm independently slowly elevated and twisted in my shoulder socket. As a distance swimmer, I had carried a supraspinatus injury for many years which affected my shoulder, neck, and back. This gradual movement quite quickly released a lot of long-term pain.


Claire then showed me more advanced techniques which involve communicating directly with your Higher Self to resolve other issues. She was thoughtful, caring, and perceptive throughout this process. I was so impressed with the Disc I actually bought one of my own.


I have also worked with the beautiful Aura-Soma bottles with Claire. Her interpretation of my four-bottle selection was frankly astounding.  She was incredibly accurate and eloquent about a number of very deep-rooted issues. 


I was so impressed with what I had accomplished seeing Claire, I bought a session as a gift for a friend who had experienced an unbelievably traumatic tragedy.  To say that this was a transformational session for my friend would be a massive understatement.  I will always be indebted to Claire for the positive impact that she had at the time it was needed most.


Claire uses an unusual and interesting combination of tools and techniques but the unique linchpin of all of these is Claire herself.  She is not only incredibly intuitive and thoughtful, but she has an amazing talent of targeting and broaching sensitive and highly emotive subjects and fundamentally transforming the way forwards in a way that makes you feel that you can take on the world.  If only we could bottle her up and keep her with us at all times!  Thank you for all that you do. 


Clare Ryan, Brighton

Christine Grant Artist

Sessions with Claire and the Empower Disc helped me immensely in getting through the worst time in my life. I don’t know how I would have coped without the Disc or Claire.


Five years ago my husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Although we hoped for recovery it was a very stressful and arduous journey with terrible disappointments along the way. Sessions with Claire and the Empower Disc helped me immensely in getting through the worst time in my life.


The Empower Disc with Claire’s guidance and expertise helped in so many ways, re-balancing my energy and helping me stay positive, keeping me calm.  Together they put me in a positive mental state so I could be there for him. I also feel using the Disc helped with the grieving process when he eventually passed away. Throughout this journey, I’ve not felt depressed, but I have felt supported. I don’t know how I would have coped without the Disc or Claire.  


Christina Grant,  Artist,

Sarah Cork

Claire is really is one of a kind - she blends powerful therapies and tools with her unique gift, her ability to translate the esoteric into the practical, with kindness, compassion and humour. Her approachable, focused style helps to uncover the 'real' problem that needs support.

She brings together the Empower Disc with the Oracle Cards, and the revelatory, supportive properties of the Aura-Soma bottles, creating a powerful combination that enables people to achieve great healing painlessly, quickly and brings about long-lasting change. 

I have been fortunate enough to be a client of Claire's for many years, she has supported me through a difficult divorce and healing past emotional trauma, that no other therapies could 'reach', together with positive support to make changes to my work/life balance, physical issues and anxiety. I would wholeheartedly recommend Claire and her brilliant way of working. 


Sarah Cork, Univerity Lecturer, Brighton

Jan Burgess SOL Design

I have worked with Claire for many years. She has always had an amazing gift of intuition and insight. Her unique blend of holistic tools has evolved over the years, creating a profound and transformative healing experience that is truly one-of-a-kind.

I do not know of anyone else who can do quite what Claire does. Her sessions are gentle but profound and she has the ability to quickly hone into the root of a problem. She uses her immense skill and wisdom to help you unravel the issue and get to the heart of whatever block is impacting you at this time.


She will help you shift; she will help you unblock and she will help you grow.

Goodness writing this me makes me realise I need a session;  we all need these sessions! They are amazing and highly highly recommended.

Jan Burgess, Founder of SOL Design Collective Artist Community,

Sam Lawson

I had never heard of the Empower Disc until I met Claire at a Retreat. She very kindly offered to help my husband who was suffering from lower back pain, to the extent he was struggling to walk. Although initially skeptical, after working with the Disc he was completely pain-free and able to move normally again and walk and exercise the next day.


I was amazed by the Empower Disc and was keen to know more, so promptly ordered my own. Although I live abroad Claire was always on hand to offer advice via text, email, and phone and still does when I call upon her.


Better still on a visit to the UK, I managed to get an appointment to see Claire in person. During our session we covered an array of topics; yes and no physical signals, full unblocking, spiritual healing of my timeline, energy rebalancing, unblocking of my feelings towards a person who was causing me anxiety, and a specific program to aid a physical internal issue.


The session was conducted at Claire's home which was a lovely relaxing environment. It’s easy to open up to Claire about very personal matters. I had an absolutely amazing time and wished the session could have lasted all day. I had booked to spend half a day with her as it was! I left feeling very happy and so positive.


I would thoroughly recommend Claire and would dearly love to have another session. I just need to wait till I have spare time when I next visit the UK.  


Sam Lawson, Dubai 

Chris Gilvan-Cartwright Artist

My session with Claire was the first time I’d been introduced to Aura-Soma and it turned out to be a remarkable and wonderfully insightful experience.


It was really helpful, immediate and what’s more, totally inspiring. As an artist, I’ve loved using colour in my paintings, but this time it was a delight to be able to use it as a means for transformation. 


Since working with Claire and the Aura-Soma bottles I have been back in the studio producing my best work ever and better still I’m much more positive about so many other aspects of my life. I would strongly recommend seeing her to artists or anyone working in a creative field who would like to deepen their understanding of themselves and their work.


Christopher Gilvan-Cartwright, Artist,

Heather Bains

I meet Claire 15 years ago at a natural health fair at Olympia, London, where she was working with Aura-Soma. I was immediately drawn to her and this wonderful array of colours. I decided right there and then to have a consultation. This was the start of me getting hooked on these magical bottles and their ability to transform us.


I got back in touch for another session and have been consulting Claire ever since. I had feel very comfortable with her and its apparent her knowledge and dedication to this healing therapy is very special. 


Claire and the healing powers of the Aura-Soma bottles should not be underestimated. In my opinion, they are both truly amazing! I would highly recommend a consultation with Claire as her ability to get to the heart of what might be holding you back is remarkable and reassuring.


Heather Baines, Holistic Health Practitioner

Clare Owen

I have had several really positive treatment sessions with Claire using the Empower Disc. I was amazed when I tried it for the first time and got such an incredible physical response. 


I believe in it so much now that I have bought my own Disc to use at home and with my children too. Claire is just one of those rare souls who helps people heal instinctively.  I would recommend her in a heartbeat. 


Claire Owen, Sales Director at Map Marketing,

Kandy Ackland

I decided to have a session with Claire when my life was at a crossroads. She had come highly recommended but hearing other people’s positive stories is one thing, having my own consultation with Claire and feeling the difference it has made to me, is altogether another.


I can honestly say that the negative feelings of fear and confusion that cluttered my visions have cleared from my mind, revealing a fresh, sunny and welcoming vista of wholly obtainable opportunity. 


The entire experience of visiting Claire for my consultation at her beautiful country home was a pleasure. Claire has gorgeous energy, vast knowledge of Aura-Soma, and an amazing natural talent for interpreting the bottles. The consultation was thorough and offered me reassurance and practical advice. I came away feeling renewed and positive. I have been using my chosen bottle for a while now and it is making a difference. I can’t thank Claire enough for her talent and time.


 Kandy Ackland, Teacher, Brighton


WhatsApp Image 2024-03-21 at 12.06_edited.jpg

'This is a truly unique day. It’s put together thoughtfully, with heart and experience. Anything spiritual is grounded in our lives, minds, thoughts and experiences, rather than some gimmicky stuff that leaves you feeling left behind if you’re not ‘Chakra-ing’ right!


I feel genuinely quite enlightened in a couple of areas of my life after the day, and will really cherish the experience. Claire is a gifted facilitator, with a loving attention to detail and a keen eye for aesthetics - not to mention a deep loving wisdom. An excellent way to spend your money, I can assure you.'  


Lauren Hannis  @herbsncurves

isoble smith_edited.jpg

'From the moment I arrived for my retreat day, I knew it was going to be good. The venue, a beautiful serene modern mansion, is set on the edge of lush gardens and glorious woodland. I entered with expectations high, and the day delivered plus some!


Claire had thought of everything, from colour themed seats with soft wool blankets, to ‘party bags’ containing everything we needed for the day.  From getting out of the car to driving away I felt held and nurtured. In this relaxed state I was able to see and hear the guidance Claire was offering directly or through a series of carefully curated exercises.

I had been having a particularly rough time and feeling quite lost and directionless, but left feeling uplifted but also with practical insights and revelations to support me going forward.

Without giving too much away, the multi-sensory therapies and tasks were lovingly put together, each building on the strength of the previous, offering insights and guidance which deepened and intensified as the day progressed, and the day concluded with a closing ceremony which wrapped up the day perfectly. 

It was a powerfully moving and insightful day, with a wonderful group of women, delicious food, and the most knowledgable, thoughtful and attentive host you could imagine. The day was faultless and the guidance and insights I gained will last a lifetime.


If you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to attend one of Claire’s retreats DO IT!  A day with Claire is a gift to yourself that will keep on giving. Expect time and support to safely unravel a little, along with warmth, laughter, insight and delicious food throughout the day. Heaven.'

Isobel Smith, Founder of Fine Art rural Mission,

Screenshot 2021-04-19 at 11.16.11.png

Whenever I spend time with Claire, I am left with the feeling that I have grown 100-fold. Blocks become moveable, ideas become plans and hopes become something achievable. So to be able to spend a whole day with her, as well as five other remarkable women, was a gift that I am very grateful for. 


Claire’s house is like her - inspirational, calming, colourful and safe and it was this backdrop that allowed us to explore areas of our lives that we may not have been able to give time to. Asked how I felt an hour into the day, I remarked that this was the first time this year that I had allowed myself to fully relax. Given that we are already in May, that felt huge. 


It seemed that every detail had been carefully considered - from the colourful water glasses, woollen shawls, chairs and crystals to the envelopes, notebooks and pens. Not forgetting the Aura-Soma bottles (I could have spent a whole day just with those) and the oracle cards. A ritual Claire created where we went into her incredible garden to plant intentions was not only moving, but hugely thought-provoking. 


Perhaps one of the most surprising aspects of the day was the catering - this wasn’t a ‘bring-your-own-lunch’ type of day, but an incredibly delicious and nutritious home-cooked meal and one of the best slices of chocolate cake I have ever tasted type of day. 


Reflecting on the experience has made me realise how lucky I am to have been able to take part - and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone - a treat for yourself or a loved one, a chance to shift perspectives and gain insight into things that might be holding you back, or simply a chance to connect, share and listen to other people’s stories. Thank you Claire. You, your home and your Woodland Retreat days are very special.

Emily Rush Psychotherapist

Screenshot 2023-07-02 at 09.26.01.png

Claire’s retreat was a wonderful day spent amongst the quiet and magnificence of nature.  The healing, gentle space within which Claire welcomes, you is perfect for taking a spiritual journey.


The retreat was a full day spent focussing on honouring and connecting to, our innermost selves.  The retreat room and Claire's home provided a calming backdrop, while Claire’s energy and expertise are at once heartening and exhilarating. It was evident  that much thought, care, and many years of experience have gone into the development and planning of this retreat.  It was wonderful to connect with my fellow attendees at a deep level and honour their journeys in life. The lunch and refreshments were delicious too.  It was a five star soul experience that I highly recommend!

Mandy Cuss, Interior Designer

Elissa Diver Photographer

Claire’s day retreat enabled me to find some much needed moments of peace and a renewed clarity of purpose.


Her beautiful, calm, modern home is surrounded by countryside and is the perfect place to find peace and tranquillity. Throughout the day Claire guides the group through activities that encourage reflection.


Claire somehow enables everyone to connect with important concerns in their lives, while keeping the day positive, joyful and even playful. There is also plenty of opportunity for quiet moments alone too. Claire prepared a delicious lunch for everyone and in the afternoon there was homemade cake. What more you could you ask for?


Elissa Diver, Professional Photographer,

Profile Picture.jpg

Having spent the most amazing and profoundly insightful day at this wonderful retreat, I cannot recommend Claire or this event enough.

Claire is the most incredible facilitator, guide and host, the location is outstanding, peaceful and nurturing making the whole day such a magical and enlightening experience – it blew me away!

Whether you are finding yourself at a crossroads in your life, or needing that extra impetus to re-engage on your journey through life’s many challenges and stresses, you will find the time and a safe space to connect to your own inner guidance with Claire.  I came away energized and with clarity, purpose and an inner peace that I had not felt for such a long time.  

The venue is outstandingly beautiful with the most tranquil and magnificent setting. Claire’s hosting is second to none, providing exceptional catering with all dietary requirements accounted for and at such a high standard. However, it is Claire’s skillful, insightful guidance and the creation of such a safe space to explore your inner self that is the ultimate stand out.

April Hardert,  HR Professional


I attended Claire’s retreat day in June 2023.


What an amazing day! Claire has such vibrant and caring energy, she is a joy to be around. All the activities were inspiring and nourishing. The location and food was incredible which helped create a very magical space.


I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for some space to connect with themselves and to be expertly guided and supported in doing this. 

I will be returning. 

Elaine Gibbons, Acupuncturist, Holistic Coach & Writer


Claire has created a magical day retreat at her stunning woodland home in East Sussex, and I feel utterly blessed have experienced it.


Meditation, singing bowls, Aura-Soma, Oracle Cards, nature, nourishing food and the ever breathtaking magic of strangers… I have emerged with my inner goddess rediscovered. 

The house and woodland are so beautiful that they create a profound sense of calm, while Claire’s attention to detail and careful holding of the space, leading us through the day,  enabled us all to relax deeply and trust the process.


If you fancy some deep spring self cleaning in the most beautiful setting sign up today.

Gilly Smith, Food Journalist and Podcaster

Pearl Bates.jpeg

Claire’s spiritual woodland retreat was like slipping away into a magical wonderland, far removed from the day-to-day, hurly-burly. The entire experience was exquisite, with every possible detail beautifully thought through. 


To begin with, the environment was breathtaking. Claire’s stunning house – a polished, contemporary structure, accented with gorgeous art and floor-to-ceiling windows, sits in the heart of landscaped natural beauty. Just stepping into her kitchen and gazing out at the view of pristine woodlands, blows away the stresses and strains of every-day life. 


Claire began the day by leading her six attendees to the far end of the house, where a circle of seats had been arranged in a studio/meditation room with panoramic views of the gardens. This is where the gentle but powerful work of ritual, meditation, and self-enquiry began. Tucked away in this oasis of tranquility, it felt safe for people to relax and explore their innermost dreams and desires.


During the lunch break, the group had a chance to bond and chatter in the kitchen and relaxing on the terrace. We were served a sumptuous, home-made food for lunch and afterwards, we were free to wonder through the house or relax in the beautiful gardens.

Pearl Bates, Writer & Artist,


I recently had the pleasure of attending one of Claire’s incredible Retreat Days – from the warmest of welcomes, the attention to detail, the sanctuary feeling and setting at Claire’s home, the whole day was simply enchanting, magical and inspiring.


I won’t share too many details, so as not to spoil it for when you go. Just know, there were only a small number of us, the connection with nature, the delicious homemade lunch  along with the journey that we took from start to finish left me feeling whole, nourished and my cup full to the brim of love and harmony, I made some beautiful new connections too. Thank you Claire.

Deb Parrot, Beautiful Life,


'I didn't know what to expect on the retreat day but needless to say I found it enlightening and magical.


Just being in Claire's home is a healing in and of itself. The day was carefully crafted and curated and Claire held space for us through the day enabling us to open up and dip into what it was we needed to express. I won't spoil the surprises for anyone wishing to attend one of Claires days as the surprises are part of the magic. But just go, you won't be disappointed!'

Sally Garozzo  Clinical Hypnotherapist & Rapid Transformational Therapist

Screenshot 2024-03-24 at 18.28.44.png

If you want to be supported and shown ways to connect and understand yourself more deeply then this a wonderful place to be.


Claire has a multi layered approach which allows us, as individuals, to see, hear, feel, intuit our own messages and inner guidance. Giving space to each person as well as letting the flow of awareness play out with a group of wonderful women all at their point along their journey of self discovery.


It was joyful and remained with me as I sat and meditated the following week. You come away with so many gifts you can’t help to be lifted up and see yourself with new dimensions. I can whole heartedly recommend the retreat day and I will definitely be back.


Fiona Ratti  Acupuncture &Cranio Sacral Therapy

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