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Your Magical Manifestation Retreat

I've carefully curated  the day's agenda to cultivate an atmosphere of support and empowerment, providing a space for you to deeply engage with your dreams and desires. Each activity is purposefully crafted to build upon the last, ensuring a transformative journey filled with clarity, inspiration, to help you really connect with your dreams and desires.

As we unfold the day, you'll engage in a series of enriching experiences including those listed, 

with a few surprises along the way:

Retreat Timetable

  • 9:30 AM arrival, finishing at 5:00 PM it includes refreshments, a delicious vegetarian lunch made produce from my organic allotment, homemade cake, and all necessary materials for the day's program.

  • The day is divided into four parts: two sessions in the morning and two in the afternoon.

  • Upon arrival, refreshments are provided, followed by mid-morning and mid-afternoon breaks, which include the option of homemade cake.

  • Lunchtime is at 1pm. After a delicious lunch there is time to unwind with other attendees or take some personal time to explore the grounds or enjoy the house.​ I have a library of creative and spiritual books at your disposal to enjoy.

  • To ensure a personalised setting, I limit attendance to just six participants - £155 all inclusive.

  • There is space to park and my home is situated not far from the A23 near Horsham. The number 17 bus also runs between Horsham Station and Brighton, this has a bus stop near the top of our drive.

  • The area boasts a wide variety of accommodations, ranging from the Horsham Premier Inn to the two prestigious award winning Hotels, South Lodge and Leonardslee Hotel & Gardens, both of which are on my doorstep.


Discover the Day: Key Experiences Awaiting You

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This practice involves guided sessions at the start of the morning and afternoon sessions, aimed at calming the mind, reducing stress, and enhancing inner peace. Participants are guided with focusing on breath control, mindfulness, and achieving a state of deep relaxation. Of course we will be adding manifestation magic to the session.

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Working with Aura-Soma

Aura-Soma is a powerful form of colour therapy that uses the vibrational powers of colours, plants, and crystals to enhance wellbeing. Participants engage with Aura-Soma's dual-coloured equilibrium bottles, selecting a bottle they are drawn to, which reflects their personal needs and helps them understand their gifts, talents and purpose. The sessions may include utilising their wonderfully scented products to enhance meditation, clear one's energy field and to enhance other aspects of the day. 


Crafting Personal Spiritual Altars

This creative activity involves assembling personal altars, as the day unfolds, using items that hold special significance to the individual based on their desires along with others that are gathered through the sessions of the day. Participants might include crystals, photographs, symbols, and natural elements. The process is a powerful way to set intentions regarding what we desire in our lives, focusing on what we already have and a space to give gratitude for this. The altar serves as a guest's personal sacred space for the day.

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Manifestation Rituals in Nature

Engaging with nature, participants perform a beautiful ritual aimed at manifesting their intentions and desires. Depending on the season, this might involve planting seeds as metaphors for personal growth (with small golden spades!),  creating natural mandalas, or utilising the fire pit. These rituals help in grounding, connecting with the earth's energy, and setting intentions in a powerfully symbolic way. Your dreams  will be celebrated by the group and you will truly feel part of a tribe.

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Oracle Card Sessions

Oracle cards are used as tools for introspection and accessing subconscious knowledge. These sessions involve drawing cards from a deck, with each card holding specific imagery and messages. Participants will be guided in being be able to use them as prompts for reflection, guidance, and understanding personal paths and decisions. You'll work together honing your intuition to benefit not just yourself but others in the group. It's a very enlightening bonding experience.


Experience a Group Sound Bath

This immersive sound therapy session involves participants sitting comfortably whilst I  play the chakra chalices, each tuned to resonate with the body's seven chakras around each guest. The sound waves produced by these rare instruments promote healing, balance, and a deep state of meditation and relaxation. The vibrations work to clear blockages and harmonize the body's energy centers, facilitating a profound sense of peace and well-being.

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“Having spent the most amazing and profoundly insightful day at this wonderful retreat, I cannot recommend Claire or this event enough. The whole day such a magical and enlightening experience – it blew me away!"
April Hardert
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"I thoroughly recommend Claire's retreat, her attention to detail and to each person's needs really creates such a very special experience. Book one you won't regret it."
Vanesa Goossens
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"I spent a truly memorable day at Claire Fearon’s Spiritual Retreat with 5 other like minded ladies. The whole day was magical. Thank you Claire for a wonderful experience I will be back!"
Shelagh Wadham
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